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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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Payless Auto Auction is open to the general public and dealers. The auction registration process for both the general public and dealerships is outlined below.

Public Bidders:

Before bid day:


Go to https://paylessautoauction.hibid.com/ Login or Register to Bid, Agree to terms and conditions and begin bidding.  Please make sure your information is complete when registering.


All Bidding opens on Wednesday at 9am and will close on the Auction Day at 9am with the first lot and every lot after 20 seconds apart from the first.   Bidding will be extended by 2 minutes if the unit is bid on within the last 2 minutes and will continue to be extended until bidding is final.


When the last unit is complete you will receive an invoice via email for all units that were purchased during the auction.  Please check your junk or spam mail for invoice as it tends to go there.  All payments are due on the Wednesday following the auction by 4pm.

Forms of Payment:

  • Cash or Certified Check
  • Wire Transfer

Dealer Bidders:

Before bid day:


Download and print these 3 dealer forms: Click Here to Download Dealer Packet Click Here to Download Personal Guaranty Click Here to Download Terms of Sale


Fax in the 3 Dealer Forms to 602-268-4726 OR Turn in the 3 Dealer Forms Prior to Auction Day


Download the current inventory list or search through this website for a vehicle you are interested in.

On Auction Day:

  • Bring cash or certified check
  • Turn in the 3 Dealer Forms

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